Sunset on the Horizon ( Punta Bulata)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Everyone love watching sunset, of course to have a good imagery of beautiful sunset we need a good place where we can view the total image of sun setting down the horizon. There are lots of places in the world where they can witness the setting of the sun. One of this place is punta bulata, anyways i am proud living in this place, this is the most wonderful place that i cant leave, this place where i start seeing the world. Before the light meet the darkness, you can see the orange sunset from the horizon the beautiful image that can captured you soul and interest. There are lots of people from different places loves to stay in Punta bulata, not for having a coolest place, but one thing that they really like to be here is to watch the sunset.

This was the last vacation of my son, he is from dumaguete city. This was taken in punta bulata place. This image is not same from above image, somtimes sunset depends on the weather. During this photo shot, there are some cloudies cover the sun. But still you can view the light reflects the water below. It was taken 4 PM i think the light illuminates the sorrounding and slowly close to darkness.

oh.another thing, not only human love watching sunset even this little dog know what sunset is. A nice shot from mobile phone, a perfect timing with sunset telling that, human and animals know how to understand the beautiful creation of God.

God Bless..


Bacolo and Beyond said...

wow, I missed tha place, and I can write here na. Mayo gid. God bless

Bacolod and Beyond said...

Pls visit this site, Bacolod and Beyond kay daw diutay pa lang ang visitors.
Very fast ang crystals.

adelfa said...

thanks . .

bobiecayao said...

i like the story of your place