The Gift

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GIFTSometimes we are thinking for the best thing we had during special days of our life, but it doesn't matter remark: Problematic word sequence cost is it, but how important it is in your life. I am talking about gift, everyone of us knew what gift is? According to Wikipedia a gift or a present is the transfer of something, without the need for compensation that is involved in trade. For me a gift is something special from someone, it's not only referring for a thing but also gift that cannot be seen, cannot be touch and cannot be smelt. This gift of love ,a blessing from God, talented children and a gift of life. The best gift that ever received tough it's not a thing but its my pleasure that I can be proud of, my 7 children, they were all my gifts that money can't buy. They are all graduated in their field of study, all parents are tended to have a child who finished their study. And for them this is the best gift that their child can give to them. My children from eldest to youngest they are all striving for their goals to finish their study. For me this was the greatest gift I have , I am thankful for them, they showed me how I am important for them. Another gift is a gift from God, it's my 2nd chance to live in this world. I have been into surgical operation from my bladder, it's been almost acute but because of hoping to live, I made to recover, also by the help of God and people who are always at my side, I am here writing my reviews. I just wanna tell you that gift is not for material things only, you can give anything you want without expecting in return. Gift in other ways is kind of showing your love and care for a person, and remind him or her how she/ he is important for you, and also to other people. By giving a gift is not because we need to, it's because we are into this person in terms of his/her happiness by celebrating his/her important days of life. I am thankful for everything I had, the gift of love,friendship,life, and a gift of things that I'm still keeping it as a remembrance of memories behind.

my grandson carl robert

Monday, May 25, 2009

He is my grandson Carl,he is 6 years old in his Pic this was taken last year, but he is turning 7 years old this year, I can say he is one blessing that God given to us.We don't ever expect that this boy will be still alive, he was in a very serious situation during his new birth, he stayed in the incubator for almost a month, he was just 1.8 kilos, he looks like an alien during his new birth, his tummy just covered with very thin skin that we can be able to see his intestine. He has a big head, and he didn't look like a person but an appearance of the animal.The doctor says's just miracle can help him, we just can't do anything we already did our best, but my son and his wife has a strong faith in God, they just let God to make his own well, because we believed God is our healer the great provider, after 2 months the boy was come out from the hospital, and he was growing up a very smart and talented boy, even he is not a normal boy like other but we appreciated God for his goodness,now he is in grade 1 and he is the small but terrible if his teacher explained, he is very creative and bright. He can do his homework alone, he can be able to answer his papers, he even gets the first award in his kindergarten. He has a good voice, he can sing and like to praising God.I'm looking forward to his growing years to come.

friendship award

I just recieved this award from somebody who dear to me, she is the woman i admired the most, i got this from mymemoriesandcrystals and i was glad that somebody gave this friendship award for me. thank you princess sarah,,, more blessing to come with you family.
and now i would like to give this award to my followers, who always follow and give comments.

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my first winter experience

Friday, May 22, 2009

When was the last time you experienced something for the first time?" I suddenly remembered this line from the Discovery Channel. It’s amazing how things like these creep into your mind unexpectedly.
This is my first time to experience winter. Yes, my first time to experience the season and my first time to be in korea. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Growing up, I always read about winter in books, saw it in pictures and paintings and watched it in movies and with my daughter explainations. But little did I know that experiencing it first-hand would be a different thing altogether.
I can’t say exactly when I noticed it was winter, but the leaves on some of the trees gave me the clue. Not only are they turning brown color, the mountains and all sorroundings were look so sad like there is no life for the trees. The leaves of the trees were quite noticeably there is no one you can see . The winter view is a popular thing in korea. The mountains are brown color. but if snow falls the mountain and all sorrunding was great very interesting and i felt amazed because of the new look i had seen.

Another thing I noticed that time was that my black jacket no longer keeps me warm during snow days. Yup, definite chill in the air those days. Might need to bundle up very very soon. I’m really a summer person and i am so old to felt the winter cold, my body was weak enough to feel chill and freezing cold. Also, unlike in the Philippines where sunrise and sunset are more consistent, In korea winter season, 4:30pm seems like 7pm when the sun sets and casts shadows in the darkening sky and surroundings. It all seems strange for a first-timer like me, but I am sure everyone around me doesn’t give a heck that it’s pretty dark by 5:30pm and stars seldom to see. In philippines sky were so beautiful full of starbright but in korean winter season seems so lonely for me. So, pardon my elation about such trivialities. What may seem insignificant to some, may be consequential to me.
I am really looking forward to experiencing the another season in korea . If it means getting chilled to the bone or watching the trees everyday changing into white color because of the snow then I won’t mind doing it. After all, that was may be my first and last winter experience.

My first experience to go abroad

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It was november 2004, My youngest daughter family was invited us to visit in korea just for a couple of month, at first i was scared just to imagine i don't ever experience to go for a trip, i just know how to take a bus going to the city but it was only sometimes, but it was the time i can say i was so ignorant to go for the first time, i nver tried to ride an airplane even i don't see it in near place. Yes i am not new for the aircraft but i never seen it near me. I just open dreaming that i am inside of that plane it's only a dream i nver epected that my dream become true.

In our situation we are poor who think i can go abroad? ofcourse is not bad to imagine that someday i can fly in the clouds, i just imagining what other country looks like? what are they doing? are they also eat rice like us? there are also poor or most poorer than us. I have so many question ever since. and that time was my first time to step in front of the domestic airport. My very first time, i felt cold and nervous, i want to pee or felt like urinating? I really can't explaine
the excitement w/ nervous feeling, doemistic plane is not that big like international plane, when we arrived in manila international airport my husband told me to watch the big plane "haha" i accepted that we are very innocent for those stuff, ofcourse i grew up in the mountain and there is no city and building there, i only saw birds and wild animals. But the airplane is not an animal it is very big plane like the house. I felt like i am in the other part of the earth, like the big door was open and i am entering the gate of mars or jupiter. My husband and I was very new for that stuff, looking there,looking here, looking everywhere and all are seems very interesting.

My oldest son was with us and i know he was felt uneasy because of what we are acting with my husband maybe he felt ashameD. He told us just behave, many people are looking to us, and i was embarassed with what my son says, maybe he think we are acting like people go down from the mountain, haha oh yeah we are acting like that. But we can't help our self to appreciate the new things we discovered, i told my husband really life is full of wonderful things. Time goes so fast we already in the airplane and arrived the inchon south korea airport, i dont ever think that i will felt freezing cold, almost froze to death that time, no, I'm not kidding,
Well, maybe exaggerating a bit about the "death" part but other than that, It was the coldest I’ve felt in my entire life.

It was my first time to experience the winter season. It was around 11pm
and the sky was somewhat cloudy, although some stars were visible and the moon was playing peek-a-boo from time to time behind floating clouds. We are in the entrance of inchon airport and felt terible. I was already thinking, “Damn! It’s a cold night.” The night was already chilly but the wind… my goodness!… I could feel my body temperature literally plummet with every step I took. After 5 minutes of walking, my hands were white and I zipped my jacket to my neck. After 10 minutes, I had goose bumps on my arms and legs (yes, I could feel them all right!) and my nostrils felt like I was inhaling ice. After 15 minutes,while waiting for the bus going to my daughter hometown where they are living.
my hands were numb and seemed frozen and I felt like I was in a freezer. I started to jog just to warm myself up. After 20 minutes, I was telling myself, “Think sun! Hot water bottle! Chili pepper!” Little good that did me.

I was glad when we rich the house, i felt refresh and have a good sleep.

= be continue=

my memories with my kids

Monday, May 18, 2009

I want to share my memories with my children, each of them have their own personalities and attitudes, they also have their own uniqueness.

Here is my eldest daughter" beth" she is 42 years old a bachelor degree, she is a teacher, though she was assigned in the mountainous are to teach,it takes 5 hours walked, but she just follow where she destined, its because teaching is her obligation and as a teacher its her responsibilities t take all task given to him, not because of his profession but because she want to help other kids to learn somthing. She want to choose her choices but thinking about the kids in the mountain who need educations and want to have a better life, she decided to go there even she will be far from her family. She is stubborn women, what she want she will get, we always fight with our own principles, maybe because i'm an eldest and also she is, we often have misunderstanding even in a small thing, she is a high tempered woman and i do they same or maybe we have similar attitude but don't want to accept it. Well, she is my daughter and i do love her, Even we acting like dog and a cat if we met, i enjoyed being with her, she also a sweet daughter but she is not a showy one.

She is my second daughter "neng" she is 38 year old, single and soon to marry. She is a missionary graduate, been working in church half of her life. An active and devoted christian, a loving, understanding and wonderful sister to her siblings. She is a woman with her own word, she is very supportive sister and daughter for us. She is humble and good adviser to her close friends and family. she is the favorite sister of her siblings.She been also a teacher of kinder garten school at our very own place, no wonder why she loves little child. She's kinda strict but nice to be with. Sometimes my youngest sone told me, Neng is very supportive to him everytime he needs money for his project she will give without any words.

She is my 3rd daughter rowena, close family called her "weng" She is smart and bright, i can say she is short and small but terrible, have a strong determination, wanted to be rich, well, thats not bad though. she been struggled how to deal with difficult life. She is an honored student in her academic class. She graduated BSED. She finished her college trough the help of her younger brother and she selling a "yema" candy made of milk just to buy her projects and to send some groceries for us.

I admire her for being a strong woman, and thoughtful wife. she is married with korean man, and now stable with her business, when she was a young girl she often go with me to sell some fishes to the mountain walking for an hour just to sell our item and to buy some rice, but sadly we often back home without any cash, or we just return our fishes without money. Sometimes im smiling recalling back our memories and happy moments. Sometimes i cried, because of hardship we had before. But my daughter whing i can say, she has the deterrmintation, goal to lift up us from poverty. Im thankful to her,cos i have her in my life.

He is my oldest son romel, we called him "nonoy" He is an artist specialized in painting, currently he is managing a small net cafe and printing shop. He is a missionary graduate,
Very sensitive,Takes time to recover when hurt,but seldom shows emotions.Frank but not rude,Straight forward,open minded,friendly,God fearing,Strict but responsible, he hates rules and commands. he doesn't want to be insulted, He been in ministry for a 8 years, he went abroad just to save and make his life comfortable, and he did it. he has a strong dedication. He wanted to become rich and he believed if what the mouth speak it will happen. He is a good brother to his siblings. He is fun but somtimes he easily iretates sepcially if somone hurts here or if he doesnt like what you do. He is friendly, i can say he is also one of my best boy, all of my boys are best =).

He is my older son "jojo" a business minded person. He graduated in Bible school as a missionary or a pastor. Now he is happily married with kids while minister the word of GOD.

he been in ministry for almost 10 years now,he is funny and smart, he knows how to deal people old and young. He is sweet and caring, a talkative person. happily working as a pastor

My youngest daughter, i can say she is the most horrible daughter i have, i been wasted my tears for her during her high school day, i dont any expectation for her. She just gave me headache and teary eyes. She doesn't like to study during her high school, but she is not stupid or slow learning. Her teacher often called me to go to the advicers office just to heard about her cutting classes,
I never expected that the worst kid i have will have a better life,She tried to work as a helper, but I was against of her idea to work in her younger age maybe she was 16 years old that day, after her high school she went out and find her own way to earn and to work, after she save some money she ask me to study in college, her sister helped her some but she study hard. She got a high grades that i don't ever expected. After she graduated from her computer secretarial she move to to the city to work, and been studying again for her another course, she been a working student.
Now she is happily married with 2 kids.

My youngest son, all of our family never expected that i can have him in my 40's, my youngest daughter and him have 8 years gap, all of my children was angry and hated me because i got pregnant in my older age, they felt ashamed, but i really don't regret that i have him, i also tend to give him to other person who need baby, its because of we called poverty. But my youngest daughter cried because she doesn't like to be far from her brother.
He is smart and talented, she just graduated from his major bachelor of arts major in English. and wanted to get other courses in the next simester, He is the one i can say luckiest among his siblings, he never experience what difficult life his sibling had been through, He just grew up with easy living, he never went to school with empty stomach,
He is sweet and caring among the boys, He always shares his crushes and loveones.
well, all of them have their own style and ways to appreciate us. i can say i am luckiest mother on earth. I dont ask for more.i am enough and contented,

My memories with my mom

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Open your hand wide to your brother, to your poor and your needy, in your land. —Deuteronomy 15:11
More than one-half of the world’s people live in poverty. Poverty and hunger are such a big problem in our world that it’s easy for us to feel helpless or to become hard-hearted and do nothing.

She is my dearest mom, she's 82 years old, she is a kind of mom that people will adore, she is open hearted woman have a strong determination,and have a wonderful ambitions. Believe it or not she is the mother of 14 childrens. She is my idol and my great mentor in life. Without her i can't say my life is perfect even what life i been up to.

I remember when i was a young girl my mom is so strict. She is a perfectionist mom, well disciplined even to her kids and to her self too. I have so many memories of her, she often bit us every time we had a mistake but she keep asking sorry for what she did and she explained well, she hit us its because she doesn't want us to be a bad kids, she want us to grow up as a good person.

she loves to wear philippine national dress, long skirt and blouses, she also love flowers and kids, every sunday there are lots of kids in her house, she teach bible stories and bible games to the children. Give foods to them, thats the great habbit that she love most. She is very helpful, ask to all persons in our place about her, and they will answer if what kind of womam my mom is, she is popular being a beautiful grandmom, yes she is! she doesn't go out unprepared, she will sure that she looks presentable.
All children loves her very much even in her 80's kids and young respected her. I remember when i was 8 years old something, my mom always help to ouir neighbor even our foods is just enough for our meals, but she will say's we can have our meal today even in a small amount of foods. How about them? since then, i learn what my mom wanted to explain. give if you wanted to recieve.

I was grew up in what we called poverty, my parents and the rest of our neighborhood was poor. We strived hard to find our food in the forest to get some wild fruits and vegestables. i know what is poverty because i been there, i experienced how to leave without any hope and dreams. when i was a young girl i have only one dream to finish my work and eat. is that simple but while i was growing up and having a kids,that simple dream become wider that i can't able to reach, yes having a kids crying because of hunger you can't able to stop dreaming that someday you will become a superwoman or superstar so you can able to give the things your kids needed,

But God doesn’t close His eyes to the plight of the poor. When He gave His people guidelines for living, He included instructions on ways to care for the needy (Deut. 15:11). He told His people, “You shall not harden your heart, nor shut your hand, from your poor brother, [but] open your hand wide to him and willingly lend him sufficient for his need” (vv.7-8).
God also commanded His people not to glean the corners of their fields so that the less fortunate could gather food (Lev. 19:9-10). And Jesus showed His compassion for the poor by His words and actions.
As Christians, we cannot ignore the plight of the poor today. Individuals and churches can join with Christian organizations working to combat poverty as they spread the Word. God has a heart for the poor. Do we?