my memories with my kids

Monday, May 18, 2009

I want to share my memories with my children, each of them have their own personalities and attitudes, they also have their own uniqueness.

Here is my eldest daughter" beth" she is 42 years old a bachelor degree, she is a teacher, though she was assigned in the mountainous are to teach,it takes 5 hours walked, but she just follow where she destined, its because teaching is her obligation and as a teacher its her responsibilities t take all task given to him, not because of his profession but because she want to help other kids to learn somthing. She want to choose her choices but thinking about the kids in the mountain who need educations and want to have a better life, she decided to go there even she will be far from her family. She is stubborn women, what she want she will get, we always fight with our own principles, maybe because i'm an eldest and also she is, we often have misunderstanding even in a small thing, she is a high tempered woman and i do they same or maybe we have similar attitude but don't want to accept it. Well, she is my daughter and i do love her, Even we acting like dog and a cat if we met, i enjoyed being with her, she also a sweet daughter but she is not a showy one.

She is my second daughter "neng" she is 38 year old, single and soon to marry. She is a missionary graduate, been working in church half of her life. An active and devoted christian, a loving, understanding and wonderful sister to her siblings. She is a woman with her own word, she is very supportive sister and daughter for us. She is humble and good adviser to her close friends and family. she is the favorite sister of her siblings.She been also a teacher of kinder garten school at our very own place, no wonder why she loves little child. She's kinda strict but nice to be with. Sometimes my youngest sone told me, Neng is very supportive to him everytime he needs money for his project she will give without any words.

She is my 3rd daughter rowena, close family called her "weng" She is smart and bright, i can say she is short and small but terrible, have a strong determination, wanted to be rich, well, thats not bad though. she been struggled how to deal with difficult life. She is an honored student in her academic class. She graduated BSED. She finished her college trough the help of her younger brother and she selling a "yema" candy made of milk just to buy her projects and to send some groceries for us.

I admire her for being a strong woman, and thoughtful wife. she is married with korean man, and now stable with her business, when she was a young girl she often go with me to sell some fishes to the mountain walking for an hour just to sell our item and to buy some rice, but sadly we often back home without any cash, or we just return our fishes without money. Sometimes im smiling recalling back our memories and happy moments. Sometimes i cried, because of hardship we had before. But my daughter whing i can say, she has the deterrmintation, goal to lift up us from poverty. Im thankful to her,cos i have her in my life.

He is my oldest son romel, we called him "nonoy" He is an artist specialized in painting, currently he is managing a small net cafe and printing shop. He is a missionary graduate,
Very sensitive,Takes time to recover when hurt,but seldom shows emotions.Frank but not rude,Straight forward,open minded,friendly,God fearing,Strict but responsible, he hates rules and commands. he doesn't want to be insulted, He been in ministry for a 8 years, he went abroad just to save and make his life comfortable, and he did it. he has a strong dedication. He wanted to become rich and he believed if what the mouth speak it will happen. He is a good brother to his siblings. He is fun but somtimes he easily iretates sepcially if somone hurts here or if he doesnt like what you do. He is friendly, i can say he is also one of my best boy, all of my boys are best =).

He is my older son "jojo" a business minded person. He graduated in Bible school as a missionary or a pastor. Now he is happily married with kids while minister the word of GOD.

he been in ministry for almost 10 years now,he is funny and smart, he knows how to deal people old and young. He is sweet and caring, a talkative person. happily working as a pastor

My youngest daughter, i can say she is the most horrible daughter i have, i been wasted my tears for her during her high school day, i dont any expectation for her. She just gave me headache and teary eyes. She doesn't like to study during her high school, but she is not stupid or slow learning. Her teacher often called me to go to the advicers office just to heard about her cutting classes,
I never expected that the worst kid i have will have a better life,She tried to work as a helper, but I was against of her idea to work in her younger age maybe she was 16 years old that day, after her high school she went out and find her own way to earn and to work, after she save some money she ask me to study in college, her sister helped her some but she study hard. She got a high grades that i don't ever expected. After she graduated from her computer secretarial she move to to the city to work, and been studying again for her another course, she been a working student.
Now she is happily married with 2 kids.

My youngest son, all of our family never expected that i can have him in my 40's, my youngest daughter and him have 8 years gap, all of my children was angry and hated me because i got pregnant in my older age, they felt ashamed, but i really don't regret that i have him, i also tend to give him to other person who need baby, its because of we called poverty. But my youngest daughter cried because she doesn't like to be far from her brother.
He is smart and talented, she just graduated from his major bachelor of arts major in English. and wanted to get other courses in the next simester, He is the one i can say luckiest among his siblings, he never experience what difficult life his sibling had been through, He just grew up with easy living, he never went to school with empty stomach,
He is sweet and caring among the boys, He always shares his crushes and loveones.
well, all of them have their own style and ways to appreciate us. i can say i am luckiest mother on earth. I dont ask for more.i am enough and contented,