The Gift

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GIFTSometimes we are thinking for the best thing we had during special days of our life, but it doesn't matter remark: Problematic word sequence cost is it, but how important it is in your life. I am talking about gift, everyone of us knew what gift is? According to Wikipedia a gift or a present is the transfer of something, without the need for compensation that is involved in trade. For me a gift is something special from someone, it's not only referring for a thing but also gift that cannot be seen, cannot be touch and cannot be smelt. This gift of love ,a blessing from God, talented children and a gift of life. The best gift that ever received tough it's not a thing but its my pleasure that I can be proud of, my 7 children, they were all my gifts that money can't buy. They are all graduated in their field of study, all parents are tended to have a child who finished their study. And for them this is the best gift that their child can give to them. My children from eldest to youngest they are all striving for their goals to finish their study. For me this was the greatest gift I have , I am thankful for them, they showed me how I am important for them. Another gift is a gift from God, it's my 2nd chance to live in this world. I have been into surgical operation from my bladder, it's been almost acute but because of hoping to live, I made to recover, also by the help of God and people who are always at my side, I am here writing my reviews. I just wanna tell you that gift is not for material things only, you can give anything you want without expecting in return. Gift in other ways is kind of showing your love and care for a person, and remind him or her how she/ he is important for you, and also to other people. By giving a gift is not because we need to, it's because we are into this person in terms of his/her happiness by celebrating his/her important days of life. I am thankful for everything I had, the gift of love,friendship,life, and a gift of things that I'm still keeping it as a remembrance of memories behind.