my grandson carl robert

Monday, May 25, 2009

He is my grandson Carl,he is 6 years old in his Pic this was taken last year, but he is turning 7 years old this year, I can say he is one blessing that God given to us.We don't ever expect that this boy will be still alive, he was in a very serious situation during his new birth, he stayed in the incubator for almost a month, he was just 1.8 kilos, he looks like an alien during his new birth, his tummy just covered with very thin skin that we can be able to see his intestine. He has a big head, and he didn't look like a person but an appearance of the animal.The doctor says's just miracle can help him, we just can't do anything we already did our best, but my son and his wife has a strong faith in God, they just let God to make his own well, because we believed God is our healer the great provider, after 2 months the boy was come out from the hospital, and he was growing up a very smart and talented boy, even he is not a normal boy like other but we appreciated God for his goodness,now he is in grade 1 and he is the small but terrible if his teacher explained, he is very creative and bright. He can do his homework alone, he can be able to answer his papers, he even gets the first award in his kindergarten. He has a good voice, he can sing and like to praising God.I'm looking forward to his growing years to come.