My first experience to go abroad

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It was november 2004, My youngest daughter family was invited us to visit in korea just for a couple of month, at first i was scared just to imagine i don't ever experience to go for a trip, i just know how to take a bus going to the city but it was only sometimes, but it was the time i can say i was so ignorant to go for the first time, i nver tried to ride an airplane even i don't see it in near place. Yes i am not new for the aircraft but i never seen it near me. I just open dreaming that i am inside of that plane it's only a dream i nver epected that my dream become true.

In our situation we are poor who think i can go abroad? ofcourse is not bad to imagine that someday i can fly in the clouds, i just imagining what other country looks like? what are they doing? are they also eat rice like us? there are also poor or most poorer than us. I have so many question ever since. and that time was my first time to step in front of the domestic airport. My very first time, i felt cold and nervous, i want to pee or felt like urinating? I really can't explaine
the excitement w/ nervous feeling, doemistic plane is not that big like international plane, when we arrived in manila international airport my husband told me to watch the big plane "haha" i accepted that we are very innocent for those stuff, ofcourse i grew up in the mountain and there is no city and building there, i only saw birds and wild animals. But the airplane is not an animal it is very big plane like the house. I felt like i am in the other part of the earth, like the big door was open and i am entering the gate of mars or jupiter. My husband and I was very new for that stuff, looking there,looking here, looking everywhere and all are seems very interesting.

My oldest son was with us and i know he was felt uneasy because of what we are acting with my husband maybe he felt ashameD. He told us just behave, many people are looking to us, and i was embarassed with what my son says, maybe he think we are acting like people go down from the mountain, haha oh yeah we are acting like that. But we can't help our self to appreciate the new things we discovered, i told my husband really life is full of wonderful things. Time goes so fast we already in the airplane and arrived the inchon south korea airport, i dont ever think that i will felt freezing cold, almost froze to death that time, no, I'm not kidding,
Well, maybe exaggerating a bit about the "death" part but other than that, It was the coldest I’ve felt in my entire life.

It was my first time to experience the winter season. It was around 11pm
and the sky was somewhat cloudy, although some stars were visible and the moon was playing peek-a-boo from time to time behind floating clouds. We are in the entrance of inchon airport and felt terible. I was already thinking, “Damn! It’s a cold night.” The night was already chilly but the wind… my goodness!… I could feel my body temperature literally plummet with every step I took. After 5 minutes of walking, my hands were white and I zipped my jacket to my neck. After 10 minutes, I had goose bumps on my arms and legs (yes, I could feel them all right!) and my nostrils felt like I was inhaling ice. After 15 minutes,while waiting for the bus going to my daughter hometown where they are living.
my hands were numb and seemed frozen and I felt like I was in a freezer. I started to jog just to warm myself up. After 20 minutes, I was telling myself, “Think sun! Hot water bottle! Chili pepper!” Little good that did me.

I was glad when we rich the house, i felt refresh and have a good sleep.

= be continue=


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