My childhood place

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Long time ago, In one forest mountain my grandparents was the first person who discovered the mountain, there were no persons and no owner during that time,It was a forest. There are lot's of wild animals and big trees. My grandfather was a hunter and a tree logger he used to cut wild tress and hunt the wild animals during that time. My grandfather were always carried my dad everywhere he go, in short my father was grown up as a farmer and a logger just to survived for their daily needs.

My dad grew up and became matured getting stronger and what he was learn from his dad he also used it for a living, it is somthing that he used what he learned from his father. One day my father and his friends talked about the mountains were they grown up, ever since that mountains there were no owner at all, so they talked how to own that land as a real owner, during that time theres no paper to sign in order to own the land, what you saw is yours because only few people can stay at mountainous area. so they went to the top of the tallest mountain and every part that they can reach their sight is belong to one of them. So my father own a big land with 42 or more hectars big, since then they owned that land and they called "PANTAG" which the name came from pantog" pantog mean egg of the boy"or testes in english" there are 2 mountains small pantog and big pantog but later on they changed into pantag its because pantog sound strange for ilonggo tribes. My father started to plant coconut trees,banana,manggo and verything that possible to produced foods for their daily needs and also they started farming. They also grow chicken,goats, cows and carabaos also horses, my father and my mom strived the poverty when they are young.But through their hardship and hard working, i can remember how much sweat, sunburned, calueses my father experienced during that day. Until the late 1970's the pantag mountain was known to be rich in foods, specially cocount farm, we own thousands of cows, carbaos and other more.

My father was a great desiplinarian person i've ever known. He was very strict and we're afraid of him. We always watched our steps not to make any fault or else you know what i mean, But my dad was a great father and a great grandfather for our kids, all person really like him, He always willing to help to other person, Once he was become a leader in our place,year 1995 to 2001 if i'm not wrong,even once he didn't did any bad against the rules, we was a great examples to other.

He just gave up his obligation its because he is getting older and not enough power to handle his work. All person doesn't want him to stop, they really love him. But his father was already tired and need to rest. 3 years ago my father was passed away. But before he become weak he brought us in his land, he intoduced us everything that we need to do if ever he was gone. He really love the pantag mountain.and he told us please take care tyhis land because all of the hardship i invested in here. I know how much effort my mom and dad made during that day when they started to make as their own.

How much they wanted to grow and to make the land rich.And now they are harvesting the land with tons of money a year. we are 14 siblings and we all grown up with that land.That place became part of our Bad and good memories until we grew old, until we have our own family. We can still recall the events that was happened before, its the memory that never lost at all.

Talking about pantag which was been owned by my grandfather,until to our generation this land has a big secrets which can make you rich. I dont know at first what lies under this land of ours why there so many rich people who do like to buy in a higher prices. Since my father love this place because this was the place where he first learned what the world is, and this is the place where he learned how to make life more meaningful by having family and children.Even though that land will be the ticket for survival from poorness still my father didnt give up anything he had, until we discover that this land is full of minerals ( copper). 90% of the copper can be found in our land, therefore lots of miners are interested to make a deal with my father.