Community Life style

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our place is not populated, not fully developed and cannot be called a city.This is a place where people living with same lifestyle. They have there own houses mostly made of nipa's and bamboo's. Its the only house that the people can afford in our community, people showing their unity to one another by helping and sharing what they have most especially their foods. The place are surrounded by tall coconuts which help neutralize the heat of the climate. This place is good for relaxation if you have problems, and for vacation since we have our own beaches and resort ready to serve you. Our community is a peaceful place where people are afraid in committing crimes. They respect the rights of everybody even though some of us didn't know what are the human rights, the only thing is that, just for the good of one life then go for what it takes at end.

Since this place is near distance from the sea, lots of children are enjoy swimming with their peers. They love playing,swimming with their sister, brother and friends. It seems that they are all contented what they have, even though the poverty are continued to attack our community. But doesn't matter we are all searching for a good solution. The only thing people do to fight poverty? to have a small income by fishing, farming and extra income from selling goods. They look happy for what they have for their life.

Only few people having sari sari store in our community, this is a store which you can find different goods and foods. Its a place where people in community choose what foods to eat a day. having sari sari store is not that easy, you need to have good capital and a place for your goods to sell and display.Before operating this little business you need to find bigger goods and foods supplier where you can buy it lower than selling price ate least you can have small profit from it. Sometimes people in our place can take goods trough credits or "utang" in our own words.
Since they are all living in same place its allowed to take goods with pay later, this is the attitude of people that we possessed. People in our community can be trusted and they have words of honor. Sad to say there are lots of people in our community who do not have a good education, having graduated in Elementary is enough for them. We are all wishing for someone who can make seminar and programs that can help people in our community to improve their lifestyle, and how to have an income by making a small business. With the guide of expertise may the people in this place can learn a lot.


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