My unforgetable experience

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back 1998 I undergone with gall bladder surgery,I've been carried that sick for almost 20 years in my life.Before i felt so different inside my body, there are times that i can't able to breath but i just kept it alone. I don't want that my family will worried about my situation,but with in 20 years i don't have any idea what kind of illness i had. Since i don't go to hospital for medication so i leave it like that. Year 1998 i felt so terrible pain and unexplainable feeling comes first i hide from my childrens and husband but later i just can't bear the pain and i felt i gonna die that time. but still i endured it for more that 1 year, until my 3rd daughter went to hongkong for work as a domestic helper. But unluckily she was terminated. She back home and do a small business like selling some sandwiches in burgos market and let other persons borrowed her money and get some interest from them. She send me in hospital to know my body condition and and the doctor said i need operation to take out the stone that grew inside my gall bladder it's was already acute. After a few days, i was admited in hospital in provencial hospital in bacolod, I was worried about money problem because i know we dont have that much. But God always heard our prayers,there are some person who donated their blood for me,and some friends send their small help. I felt so glad beside of my fear because i know i was blessed with good and loving family.

After my surgery i was in my hospital bed, happed the doctor requested to buy some medicine for my surgery, and my youngest daughter who were incharge to look over me while i am in hospital went out to buy some medicine and it took too long before she coming back, and i was so tired and felt pain so i try to put my head down but i stroke it wrong and i felt i was dying. i strive to breath for almost 30 minutes in that position there are some persons beside me but they don't know what was happineng,because i can't speak, When she came back my face was already dark and i almost die, but i saw her laughing because she think im just acting. i wan't to angry but she was young though.but she doing her best too, i can't blame her beause i don't wait until she come back.

after to days, my body condition getting good, one night, my daughter sleep beside me in bed maybe she felt so tire for how many days didn't sleep and can't lay down. i felt some hot and i need som space so i get the chair and setdown while talking to other person's in the same room.i don't noticed one of the nurses come and need to give me a dose, she show my daughter laying down in the bed so she take out the short to give a dose, she almost press the syringe ishouted she is not the patient i am, ^^ the nurse was very angry because she almost gave a dose to my daughter.

Since then my body is not that normal anymore i was felt some sick and different. i can't eat normally. but im happy there is God always with me. my husband and children are always supported me. I felt so blessed among the mother in the world.



god bless you alwyas.