Secret how to handle poverty

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As what i have mentioned we are came from a poor family, we worked hard for our daily life, from the scratch to the next level. I remembered when my grandson played the computer games he tried to fight with the monster without any weapon and he worked hard for the game. He fights as a real fighter; he thinks he is the one who fight for. Wishing in one monster he can kill he can get any weapon from it,

Same with our life when we are struggling from what we called poverty, we always wished there is any weapon to fight for, always wishing to get more power to continue for the next level. I wished we can have some money to buy some foods for the next meal.

Thinking for my children how to feed them for the next day, it seems my heart broke into pieces, so i need to help my husband to find money to buy any food for our next meal or else we will die, even what life we have done i never blame God because i know he has a purposed for us. I always thank him for not leaving us in times of hardship and trials, instead he recharge our force and give more power to strive the to fight the poverty.

I remember last 2003 the new owner of our land was requested us to move out from that place because they need to close to make private property, so we don’t have any reason to stay there. But i believed God really have plan for us. we moved to the place were some people stay near the school, my eldest daughter bought a lot to build our house near to her, also my children helped us how to build a new home with small store. In the morning i make salted peanut or sweetened peanut to sell, i also learn how to make ice candy which I sold out 4000 pieces a week i can have profit half of the ice candy capital. Sometimes i went to the market to buy some surplus clothes or curtain and i remade it. i sell in a low prices to my neighbors. I also sweet potato crackers or snack and i sell it to the elementary school. Sometimes I made Philippine native dessert and sell just to get more income.

But my main source of income is a small piggery. Which I started with only one pig after three months I sold out I bought more 2 pigs with my money until my pig become 6 and growing more, and now i have lots of them, my daughter helped me to build a piggery and now I have plenty of pigs and looking forward for our goal. We have a goal to sell 100 or more pigs a month and more sows for the near future. I was excited for this business and i wish this business will grow my daughter and I have a plan for this, She want to help for the old persons who don’t have family and children who want to study but cannot because of what we called poverty.

“There is a saying say's poverty is not the hindrance to success" This motto always give me hope and strength and i always thank GOD for his faithfulness he never leave us instead he always shower us with his blessing. I felt so blessed because I know there is God always willing to catch me if I'm down.

Sometime i felt sad to those mom out there just sitting down without any thing to do, just waiting for their husband to got home from work or opposite husband just sitting down while the wife having a hard time to find money. If you want to out from what we called poverty now is your time there are lots of way how to earn small amount of money. Don’t wait until the grace come in front of you stand up and go to find it.


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great job

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