My memories with my mom

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Open your hand wide to your brother, to your poor and your needy, in your land. —Deuteronomy 15:11
More than one-half of the world’s people live in poverty. Poverty and hunger are such a big problem in our world that it’s easy for us to feel helpless or to become hard-hearted and do nothing.

She is my dearest mom, she's 82 years old, she is a kind of mom that people will adore, she is open hearted woman have a strong determination,and have a wonderful ambitions. Believe it or not she is the mother of 14 childrens. She is my idol and my great mentor in life. Without her i can't say my life is perfect even what life i been up to.

I remember when i was a young girl my mom is so strict. She is a perfectionist mom, well disciplined even to her kids and to her self too. I have so many memories of her, she often bit us every time we had a mistake but she keep asking sorry for what she did and she explained well, she hit us its because she doesn't want us to be a bad kids, she want us to grow up as a good person.

she loves to wear philippine national dress, long skirt and blouses, she also love flowers and kids, every sunday there are lots of kids in her house, she teach bible stories and bible games to the children. Give foods to them, thats the great habbit that she love most. She is very helpful, ask to all persons in our place about her, and they will answer if what kind of womam my mom is, she is popular being a beautiful grandmom, yes she is! she doesn't go out unprepared, she will sure that she looks presentable.
All children loves her very much even in her 80's kids and young respected her. I remember when i was 8 years old something, my mom always help to ouir neighbor even our foods is just enough for our meals, but she will say's we can have our meal today even in a small amount of foods. How about them? since then, i learn what my mom wanted to explain. give if you wanted to recieve.

I was grew up in what we called poverty, my parents and the rest of our neighborhood was poor. We strived hard to find our food in the forest to get some wild fruits and vegestables. i know what is poverty because i been there, i experienced how to leave without any hope and dreams. when i was a young girl i have only one dream to finish my work and eat. is that simple but while i was growing up and having a kids,that simple dream become wider that i can't able to reach, yes having a kids crying because of hunger you can't able to stop dreaming that someday you will become a superwoman or superstar so you can able to give the things your kids needed,

But God doesn’t close His eyes to the plight of the poor. When He gave His people guidelines for living, He included instructions on ways to care for the needy (Deut. 15:11). He told His people, “You shall not harden your heart, nor shut your hand, from your poor brother, [but] open your hand wide to him and willingly lend him sufficient for his need” (vv.7-8).
God also commanded His people not to glean the corners of their fields so that the less fortunate could gather food (Lev. 19:9-10). And Jesus showed His compassion for the poor by His words and actions.
As Christians, we cannot ignore the plight of the poor today. Individuals and churches can join with Christian organizations working to combat poverty as they spread the Word. God has a heart for the poor. Do we?


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